How to use VOGABIKE

VOGABIKE is a very peculiar vehicle which combines the characteristics of a rowing boat, a bicycle and a gymnastic tool. These characteristics enable the trainee to do physical exercise harmonically.

Like in a rowing boat, the trainee seats on a padded seat running on bearings, puts his feet on the pedals and fasten them with straps. Then trainee holds the special handlebar (the “oars”) and pulls it towards his body and stretches his legs, then he bends his arms and arches his back. The movements of the body cause the vehicle to cover a certain distance, depending on the selected gear lever position.The trainee can make the vehicle steer at any moment during the run by means of the handlebar. The body movements and the seat sliding in VOGABIKE are the same as in normal rowing boats. What makes the difference is that VOGABIKE enables to row looking at the road and this makes the trainee feel more confortable, enables a better control of the vehicle and gets more fun.

The above explained characteristics should have made clear to everybody the many use possibilities of this vehicle, which are undoubtedly higher than those offered by a normal rowing boat. VOGABIKE enables to row anywhere during the whole year and the speed and distance achieved by this vehicle are by far higher if compared with a rowing boat.