VOGABIKE – The sport of the third millennium.

VOGABIKE is the result of our rather ambitious idea to design an outdoor gymnastic tool enabling people to easily make a more enjoiable physical exercise. We are very fond of rowing and, initially, had thought of a new type of rowing boat, faster and more powerful. However, considering that not many people can easily reach rivers and lakes, we began thinking about an innovative vehicle which could combine fitness with fun in the open air , enabling also a personalized training control.

The first step was to think of a vehicle which could:

  • enable rowing in the open air but not on water
  • combine fitness with fun
  • enable a personalized training control
  • compete in speed races, etc.
  • enable training of athletes of other sport disciplines (i.e. soccer, basket-ball, etc.)

The second step was to adapt the characteristics of a rowing boat to a vehicle designed to move on dry land. The third step was to resolve the several technical and mechanical problems connected with the construction of this completely innovative vehicle, being it the first of this kind. The stream-lined hull of VOGABIKE is the result of the experience we have made in the aeronautical field.

Our final concern was to equip VOGABIKE with an electronic computer enabling control of trainee’s physical performances level, as actual speed, distance, frequency of rowing, energy consumption etc. All these data can be registered in the Personal Memory Card.